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    Kushui town which located in Lanzhou city,Gansu province,China is the biggest rose plantation in Asia. Its area is more than 17 million square meters and the coordinate is quite similar with Bulgaria which could provides suitable climate condition for Asian rose growth. Since 1600, the Kushui town became the most famous rose plantation area in China and its outcomes occupied 85% market share in China for now. As well as the type certificate of rose essential oil is named after Chinese Kushui type.

        We Gansu Kushui Rose Industry Co.,Ltd is a kind of integrated group jointed by high-tech private enterprise and Kushui town government research institution established in 2014. During the past years, the company developed edible rose essential oil, edible rose hydrolat, edible rose jam, edible rose tea, rose cosmetics and so on.

        Our management principle established upon “creative, qualified, excellent, effective”and we are engaging in bring Kushui rose products to the world, and establishing the excellent reputation of Kushui rose industry.